About the Director

My name is KRISTINA ARELLANO, and I am the director of Paige School of Music, located in Fond du Lac, WI. I teach piano and violin. My credentials include a Bachelor’s Degree in Church Music from North Central University, a Master’s Degree in Ethnomusicology from Bethel University, plus additional work in composition at the University of Minnesota. I am a member of Piano Guild, OAMTA, the FDL Piano Teachers Association, and International Council of Ethnodoxologists. My teaching experience includes work at two different music studios, and as an adjunct faculty at North Central University and UW Oshkosh: Fond du Lac Campus.  I have also worked as accompanist and director of the music departments for both Caucasian and Hispanic/Latino churches since 1995. My Master’s thesis is entitled The Role of Latinidad in the Worship and Formation of Identity of a U.S. Hispanic, Pentecostal Church.


My musical interests are eclectic. I was classically trained but began to explore other genres as a freshman in college. Some of my interests include classical, salsa, jazz, contemporary Christian, fiddle music, and blues.

I am also passionate about the impact music has on culture and vice versa. I specialize in training churches how to have more meaningful conversations about their musical preferences and how rituals and use of worship space impact their community.

Besides playing and teaching music, I love playing with power tools, reading books, knitting, gardening, eating my husband’s amazing food, traveling, meeting people from other cultures, and studying new languages. My ultimate desire is to develop and mentor leaders of all ages who share their music with their community.

To contact me, email me at paigeschoolofmusic@gmail.com

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