Music Lessons

  • Do you have a particular style of music you want to learn?
  • Are you frustrated that you never learned to read notes well?
  • Do you wish you could learn how to improvise?

Here at Paige School of Music you will receive lessons individually tailored to meet your goals. Students are given the opportunity to participate in a wide range of musical experiences. Here are some examples of recitals, activities, and projects we’ve completed:

  • Cafe recitals
  • “Victor Borga” athletic and comedy competition recital
  • Fiddle recitals
  • Group violin class
  • Piano Guild Festivals
  • Compose a solo accompanied by a 3-piece “percussion” ensemble
  • Compose a sound-track to an animated short film
  • Create a music history portfolio of famous composers
  • Studio parties twice a year
  • Music technology in our lessons
  • Lots of music games and activities for children

Choose from the following instruments:

  • Piano (Ages 5 and up)
  • Violin (Ages 5 and up)

TuitionPrivate lessons are taken once a week. Tuition is due at the first Friday of each month. There are approximately 36 lessons during the school year. Students continuing in the fall are required to schedule a minimum of 7 summer lessons. Payments are made in equal monthly installments.

  • 30 minutes: $64 per month
  • 45 minutes: $92 per month
  • 60 minutes: $119 per month


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