Students participate in a wide range of musical experiences.

Here are some recitals, activities, and projects we’ve completed:

  • Cafe recitals
  • “Victor Borga” athletic and comedy competition
  • Fiddle recitals
  • Group violin classes
  • Piano Guild Festivals
  • Student-created “percussion” ensemble compositions
  • Student-created animated short-film sound-track
  • Music history portfolios of famous composers
Piano Guild Honors Recital
Piano Guild National Program Award Winners
UW Oshkosh-FDL, 2019 Commencement Speaker
During her UW Oshkosh-FDL, 2019 Commencement Speech, Roxie talked about how piano lessons changed her life and significantly boosted her self-confidence!
Spring Costume Recital: Students dressed in a costume that portrayed their piece. They introduced their piece as if they were the actor in a scene.
Spring Costume Recital. Look at those amazing outfits!
Music Camp Scholarship Winner
A Successful Senior Recital!
FDL Piano Festival, Camp Scholarship Auditions Winner
43 Piece-Challenge Completed!
FDL Piano Festival, Camp Scholarship Auditions Winner